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Our Story

Founded in 2015, Digiflex is now the leading Crypto Digital Marketing agency, offering world-class Public Relations campaigns for companies anticipating to thrive. Working with people from local to global, we have helped projects to start from Zero and made them one of the best leading projects in the Blockchain Industry.


Our areas of


Influencer Marketing

From our vast network of Influencers, we filter out one of the best in the industry and work with them to drive traffic to your projects

  • YouTube influencer
  • Twitter influencer
  • Instagram influencer
  • Thought leader influencers

Content Marketing

Content is King, and so we make the most of it in attracting the audience towards your Brand

  • Creation
  • Designing
  • Marketing

PR and Media Management

PR is a must for a Brand to communicate with the media and ultimately with its audience in a “Strategic” way which keeps them informed and continuously engaged.

  • Coin Telegraph
  • Bitcoin Insider
  • Forbes

Crypto Community Management

We create and manage your communities across all major platforms, and convert that audience into paying customers

  • Telegram
  • Bitcoin Talk
  • AMA Session

Listing Services

We help you in listing your coin on major Coin/Token Listing sites, and Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges.

  • Coin Market Cap Listing
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CEX/DEX Listing

ICO/IDO and Fundraising

From listing on major Launchpads and Whitelisting Campaigns, to organizing Token Generation Events and projects’ Funding rounds, we do it all.

  • Launchpads - Pinksale, BSC Launchpad
  • Pre-sale
  • Token Generation Event

Organic Traffic

Driving traffic to your doorstep via On-page & Off-page Seo, backlinks creation, along with a thorough research for relevant keywords, and technical consulting

  • Website Audit
  • Content optimization
  • High DA PA crypto link building

Paid Traffic Campaigns

Bringing traffic and engagement is at the core of our marketing process. Paid Media brings in a lot of traffic and engagement and at the same time introduces new members with your project.

  • Google Ads
  • Coin MarketCap Banner Ads
  • BSCscan Ads

Bulk Crypto Marketing

With the help of Bulk Marketing, we reach a mass number of people in order to spread the word about your project, its campaigns and events.

  • Telegram DM
  • Bulk Email
  • Bulk Whatsapp

Viral and Trending Marketing

We make your Brand go Viral in the crypto community by making it trending on various Launchpads, Coin Listing Sites, and Crypto forums & communities.

  • Pinksale trending
  • CoinGecko trending
  • Crypto.com trending

Video Production

Video Creation, production and editing will be done by us on and for your project.

  • Teasers
  • Interviews
  • Project Review Videos

Industry Specific Marketing

Whether it be an NFT project, or a Cryptocurrency Exchange Company, we market every project based on their specific industries.

  • Web3.0 projects
  • Metaverse projects
  • Gamefi projects
  • Exchange projects

Region Specific Marketing

We will do Region specific marketing which will include more relevancy to your project

  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Japan

Audit and KYC

Your projects’ Security Audit and KYC will be done by our team which will ensure your community of your projects’ relevancy

  • Blockchain security audit
  • Smart contract security audit
  • Project Owner KYC

Other Marketing Services

From creating Whitepaper, to Event Announcements, and Podcasts, our services include every small thing that your project needs

  • Crypto Networking
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Reputation Management

Crypto Business Registration License

Now you can get licensed from VARA - Virtual Assets Regulatory Authority and operate across the globe as a legal entity.

  • Registration & Documentation
  • Dubai Residency Visa
  • Foreign Ownership and Repatriation of Capital

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